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Take control of technology.

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With our software KMeleon, your operators are in charge : 

Divide by 3 your programming time !

KMeleon is our robotic programming software. It works on the most used brands in the industry (Fanuc, UR, Staubli, ABB).

This software allows you to program your robots without any line of code and without any necessary IT  !

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KMeleon is a valuable help to educate and train people who begins in the robotic sector.

faciliter la programmation de vos robots


The fact that programming your robots is easy will allow your team to be operational in only 2 days.

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Kmeleon is a precious help to make your production lines more agile and change their programming in a blink of an eye.

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Our software also allows you to approve a industrialization concept really quickly.



Discover Kmeleon our robotic programming software. It allows you to program your robot arm and communicate with the peripheral devices.

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Discover our universal controler. It integrates the software KMeleon. 

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 KMeleon SDK


You want KMeleon as an embedded software in your own apps ? 

Thanks to the SDK it is now possible ! 

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 Try KMeleon


A demo of KMeleon is now available. 






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