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Set up. Create. Try. Do it again

Take control of technology

You can also program your peripheral devices. *

Centralize your system setting in a unique software.

Make the dialogue between robots and the other robotic cell's elements.                             

*Peripheral devices : every devices which could be linked with a robotic cell (ex: clamp, security sensor, etc.)
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Set-up your cells in a blink of an eye...

Set-up all of your line on a single software : robots, tools, controllers, sensors.

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Program without any line of codes...

Thanks to the technology FabrikCode, you'll be able to program without typing any line of code.  Thanks to this technology based on the "Drag & Drop" you'll gain more freedom. 

KMeleon give you access to a universal language for the robotic programming of the main robot suppliers (Fanuc, ABB, Kuka, UR, Staubli…).

Programmation Kméléon

Try your creations

Try your programs on KMeleon or on a robot, you'll choose ! Thanks to the 3D simulation interface you can simulate the different moves and measure your cycle time in no time.

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Pour more performance, we offer you the possibility to have a controller entirely conceived to maximize KMeleon's performances.

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Random access memory
16 GB

The random access memory allows you to stock useful datas for your operators and made by the computer.

8 Cores

The processor allows the computer to execute the operations.

Graphic card
512 MB

The graphic card allows the computer to display the image.

Inputs / Outputs
8 x 24 V

The inputs and outputs allow to communicate with the external equipments.

How to get your universal controller KMeleonBox? 

Because of the constant evolution of the robotic sector, we keep optimizing and enriching KMeleon functions. 
You'll get a permanent access to the software's evolutions.

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