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One upon a time, two roboticians

Both of them were students in alternation in multinationals. One was in the automotive domain, the other in logistic.

Florian worked in conception and realisation of a case erector for 4 different shapes of specifix boxes without any change between the shapes.

Josué studied the electro-mechanical abilities of robots from the brand Universal Robot. He defined the tasks for which these systems could be used in the best possible way. 

During their 2nd year of a Master in Vision and Industrial Robotic and strenghten by 4 years of professional experiences, our 2 protagonists figured out one thing…

The technology available in laboratory and the one for the industry were too different. The industry didn't use the technologic potential in an optimal way.

… Thus was born Tesseract Solutions.

The company has developped some dispositives to allow a better integration for technologies and a quick redeployment.

The start-up was aware that in parallel of an integration of technology it should made a support for the change and to reach this point was surrounded by great partners to also help you about the type of subjects. 


Our background

It is courage and determination of our founders which made  Tesseract Solutions as the company of the future.



The technology available in laboratory and the one for the industry were too different. The industry didn't use the technologic potential in an optimal way. Our two partners have created automatization systems y both of our companies. They have begun to work in parallel on a source code which will be 3 years later: KMeleon. 

Structuring of the idea

Florian swallowed thousand coffees and is hardly looking in internet for a way to enter the entrepreneurship world. He heard about the Student-Entrepreneurs Status of Amiens PéPite and its coordinator Thibauld Enfroy.

First, Thibauld supports Josué et Florian, but he quickly discovered its passion for their project and join the team one year later as the Financial Director.


Student project in the company

Florian, still employee, left its logistic company to integrate a Second Year of a Entrepreneurship and Management Master in the IAE of Amiens. He learned bases of management, marketing and competitive intelligence.

Then, our team chose to be supported by a specific consulting firm and also integrated the L@b of Amiens.

First years in a business incubator and partners

Integrating an business incubator to develop the activity was an evident choice. It was a real stepping stone for Tesseract Solutions. 

Soon, Tesseract Solutions found new reliable partners such as Cl"mence Serraz and Métro-ergo.

Photo profil-1

New commercial horizons. 

The team talked with Clémence Serraz, a commercial coach known for her expertise in prospection and commercial methods to sell. The complementarity of our offers showed fast results and a conclusion: Tesseract engineers and Clémence have to work together. So, Clémence has naturally integrated the team as the Commercial Director.

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